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I am committed to bringing you the finest hair loss solutions. with that in mind, I have found the newest technology in hair systems!


This isn't your Grandfathers hairpiece this is the newest look for the modern age and active life style!


At Sculpted Micropigmentation we only work with the best hair solutions.  We use an amazing European brand of hair systems that allows you to experience the best of men’s fashionable hairstyles. You get your ability to create a look you really want, your way so you can look modern, trendy, masculine, urban and sophisticated.  Unlike other forms of hair systems, Sculpted offers options of hair systems that allow you to continue to be extremely active.  Swimming, running, and sports won’t slow you down with this brand.  We take all your fears and lay them to rest.  We offer a virtually limitless range of unique hair replacement styles with dozens of color options allowing you to really match the hair you still have.  Everything blends seamlessly to give you the perfect natural look. After a consultation we can find a system that works for you and in just one afternoon everything can be cut and molded to allow you to walk out those doors a new man.  This hair system is for men who want to look good. If you are someone who wants to get back your confidence that your hair loss has taken from you then look no further!