Frequently asked questions

Is Micropigmentation a tattoo?

We use similar equipment to a tattoo artist but there are a few main differences. We are using smaller needles with specialized inks but the main difference would be in the depth. We are not going as deep into the skin as a tattoo artist would.

What makes our needles different than others?

There are a variety of factors that lead to people getting this procedure done and then having all the time, money and potential physical discomfort be for absolutely nothing. No one wants to go through everything only to have it all fade a few months later. We use a very specific needle that allows our inks to become permanent.

Do we use typical tattoo Inks?

Our inks are organic pigments that will allows us to match your hair color needs whether you have darker or lighter hair color. We use a brown toned Ink, unlike most competetors who use a grey wash ink. The differences are noticable over time. The brown inks have a warm natural hue to it, and the grey wash have a cold blue hue.

How long do the results lasts?

The results are semi permanate. after your touch-ups. the ink is in there permanently, but like a tattoo it can fade to a certain degree over time and will need touch ups.

Who is suitable for this kind of procedure?

Anyone. I don’t care what your skin color or your gender, this is a non-invasive procedure that anyone can have to improve they’re appearance.

Payment Options?

We accept Credit, Cash or Bank Certified Check. We do offer financing! To learn more click on our financing tab at the top!

Does it hurt?

I’m so tired of all these companies out there saying there is no pain. It’s ridiculous. Every person is different. There are some people who have less nerves on the scalp and they just feel a minor little prick from the work being done, but this isn’t everyone. Most people suffer a moderate discomfort. There are definitely some people who are more sensitive and they do indeed suffer more pain. I was personally one of those people. The guy who performed my original procedure refused to believe me and I was miserable my entire procedure. I take those rare cases into account and that’s why we minimize this problem by using topical anesthesia that we apply 30 minutes in advance.

What to expect after a procedure?

After the work is done, your scalp will look red. This redness will last up to a few days. Because the ink is so fresh and the redness, your scalp will appear quite dark compared to your actual complexion. If you are darker skinned it wont be so noticeable. After 2-4 days the redness will vanish but the ink will still appear a bit darker than the actual settled color. It will take a few weeks for the inks true color to settle. Whatever you see right after the procedure, assume the actual color to be about 30% lighter. This is true for anyone doing this sort of work. After a few weeks the color and redness are at optimal results and you will have a very hard time distinguishing between where you actual hair begins and the ink ends.

Satisfaction guaranteed?

I personally have been through this ride of trying to correct all the hair surgeries I had when I was younger. I can’t begin to tell you the levels of disappointment I’ve experienced along the journey. Having gone through it all, I am very away how much something like this means to us men and women losing our hair. I have a guarantee like no other. You will never be unhappy with the work we do. I will work with you to make sure you feel like the new man you deserve.

What is the Maintenance?

The amazing thing about this is there is none. It’s a one and done. No more multiple surgeries, no more lotions, no more hair pieces. You come in one day, and you leave that day with a full set of hair that looks like you choose to buzz it. The only thing I highly recommend is that you use sun screen when you go out in the sun for long durations. Like any tattoo, extended sunlight exposure can cause the ink to lighten up.